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15 Days Fan Facts Meme - Day 2

15 Days Fan Facts Meme

- Write down all shows you can think of within one minute (only shows you used to watch or still watch, of course).
- Take the first 15. If you don't have 15, take another minute.
- Do the meme for these shows; one show every day.
- Encourage your f-list to do the meme as well to find out what kind of fan they are.
- If you want, add a 16th show on the last day.


Show's name and premiere year: Doctor Who (2005)
First watched (year/month): March 2009
Your first episode: 1x01 - Rose
Reason you started watching it: I wasn't so addicted in Tv shows in those days. But it was a bad period and I needed something new. I really don't remember if someone told me to watch it but I don't think so. I have those two shows: Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. I had already watched Torchwood, because of James Marsters in it (Cpt John Hart) I started BG but I didn't liked it so I picked up DW. The rest is history ♥
Still watching / Watched till end?: yeah. I didn't like a lot the new doctor and the Moffat's time but still.. I can't drop it.
-> If answered with NO - Why?: --
Ship(s): Ten/Rose, Ten/Donna, Eleven/River, Eleven/Clara
Favourite character(s): Nine, Ten, Rose, Donna, Clara
How much of a fan are/were you?: I used to be a lot, once. I made lots of icons, fanarts etc. Now I just watch it :)
Tags: billie piper, david tennant, doctor who, meme, rose tyler, tenth doctor
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